Armenian Institute of Molecular Biology to start production of test kits for detecting coronavirus


YEREVAN, April 10. /ARKA/. Arsen Arakelyan, the head of the Institute of Molecular Biology, an affiliation of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, told an online news conference today that the Institute was ready to start production of test kits for the detection of coronavirus infection.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Monday that his government provided $550,000 to the Institute of Molecular Biology to organize local production of test kits for the detection of coronavirus.

“The goal of the program is to provide medical facilities with more affordable test kits, to ensure their uninterrupted supply when necessary,” Arakelyan said.

According to him, the production will be organized on the basis of the technologies available at the institute by using the modern virus recognition methodology approved by international health organizations.

The director of the institute noted that for the implementation of the program it is necessary to obtain strains of viruses and other materials and negotiations are underway with a number of manufacturers.

“There is no shortage of materials for the production of test kits at the moment. But each country is trying to solve this issue only for itself. In addition, there are transportation obstacles now. This is why we suggested starting home production of test kits,” he said.

Arakelyan said organizational, financial and technical issues are being discussed now, as well as the formation of an expert group for the production of tests. The director said that the production will be launched immediately once all the necessary materials will be delivered.

Earlier, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated that the Armenian government set the task of conducting 1000 tests daily starting from this week (today from 200 to 400 tests are being conducted daily).


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