ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Assange Not Infected But Says Many in Belmarsh Are


In a phone conversation with Vaughan Smith, Julian Assange, apparently uninfected, says the virus is “ripping through” Belmarsh prison and that he spends 30 minutes a day in a crowded prison yard.

Consortium News

Julian Assange has told a friend in a telephone conversation on Wednesday that he is living in a prison in which the coronavirus is “ripping through” the population.  He told photojournalist Vaughan Smith, founder of London’s Frontline Club, that he is isolated 23 1/2 hours a day and spends 30 minutes in a prison yard packed with other inmates. More than 150 Belmarsh guards are in self-isolation and the prison is barely functioning, Smith said.

Assange did not show up for a video link to his case management hearing at Westminster Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.  A court official was overheard by three people present in the courtroom saying that Assange was “unwell.”  He is not infected with Covid-19, but Vaughan says his life is threatened by it in prison.

Consortium News


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