Govt. Extends ‘Mobilization’ by 2 Weeks, to Evaluate 1st Stage of Expat Return


The government on Thursday extended the so-called state of general mobilization by another two weeks in a bid to further contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“The government has so far succeeded in its efforts to limit the coronavirus pandemic and all ministers have performed their duties,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab told a Cabinet session in Baabda.

“We fear a bigger spread of the disease, that’s why we are extending general mobilization by another two weeks, from April 12 until April 26,” Diab added, according to a statement recited by Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad.

“The Cabinet has also decided to activate the measures,” the PM went on to say.

Noting that the last flight carrying evacuated Lebanese expats will arrive Monday in Beirut, Diab said the government “will make an evaluation and take a decision regarding the second stage.”

The premier also said that aid will be distributed to the neediest families through the Lebanese Army, which will “double check and amend the current lists.”

“We will seek to increase the number of beneficiaries,” Diab added, stressing that the prices of essential commodities should be kept in check.

The government had first declared “general mobilization” over the coronavirus crisis and announced a two-week lockdown of the country on March 15. The order involves the closure of all non-essential public and private institutions and the country’s air, land and sea ports of entry.



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