Swedish ‘Kardashian Wannabe’ Ridiculed for Urging Women to Drink Period Blood


Influencer Bianca Ingrosso claimed this method shortens the time of a woman’s period, but admitted that she has never tried it out herself.

Swedish celebrity Bianca Ingrosso has raised eyebrows with a recent YouTube video, in which she tips her followers to drink their own period blood.

According to Ingrosso, who has over 1 million followers on on Instagram and another 340,000 on YouTube, this allegedly shortens the time of a woman’s period. At the same time, the 25-year-old admitted that she is yet to try out this trick herself.

In her recent video dedicated to alleviating painful periods, Ingrosso comes up with a plethora of tips, starting from “Tantra stuff”, avoiding eating sugar, drinking coffee, smoking, drinking alcohol, or exercising. Then, however, Ingrosso proceeds to more radical solutions.

“Then there is this latest last tip and that is to drink your own period blood. Because it should make periods go over faster as you get in all the vitamins you otherwise lose, by drinking blood. I haven’t tested this yet, but I know that a lot of people do it, and then their period only lasts six hours”, Ingrosso claimed.

While Ingrosso has no problem talking about very intimate topics, such as sexrelationships, and men, something her numerous followers most often appreciate, the recent piece of advice made many see red.

In the comments field, many reacted with disgust and surprise. Some pointed out that this was “the most stupid thing to say” and even warned against this practice as meaningless and borderline dangerous.

Ingrosso’s advice didn’t go unnoticed on social media.

“Oh yeah, poor bloody world. Who decides who becomes an influencer? Poor kids”, a user tweeted, calling Ingrosso “Ullared Kardashian”. Ullared is the village that hosts Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s largest store and its name is synonymous with low prices.

Åååh, arma jävla värld. Vem bestämmer vem som blir influencer? Stackars kids 🤮 #BiancaIngrosso @#WahlgrensVärld pic.twitter.com/W5U27nvgtj

— Lasse Gåre (@LasseGare) April 12, 2020

​Another one called Ingrosso “Kardashian wannabe”, suggesting that she is merely trying to stay relevant.

Swedish kardashian-wannabe encourages her fans to drink their period blood to “make the period go away quicker”
She is mostly famous for having a famous mom and husband. Now she’s just desperately trying to stay relevant. https://t.co/x9ETmqXF2o

— 🍭.Jellybean Gen.🍭 (@Genpoden) April 12, 2020

​Others called on her to “set an example”.

“The idea is that the body gets back all the vitamins that come out with the period, and then thinks that everything is in order. I wonder if Bianca believes that if you eat your poop you will never have to buy food again, as long as you keep your cycle rolling”, another one scoffed.

Tanken är alltså att kroppen får tillbaka alla vitaminer som kommer ut med mensen, och då tror kroppen att nu är det klart.
Undrar om Bianca tror att om man äter sitt bajs behöver man aldrig mer köpa mat, så länge man håller sitt kretslopp rullande.

— Oskar (@oskimonster) April 12, 2020

​“Drink your piss to get rid of a urinary tract infection. Drink your excrement to get rid of diarrhea. What do you think, will I make it to become an influencer?” yet another one wrote.

Drick ditt kiss för att bli av med urinvägsinfektion

Drick din avföring för att bli av med diarrén

Vad tror ni, ska jag bli influencer?

— John-Peter G. Mall, PhD (@Jay3point14) April 12, 2020

25-year-old Ingrosso, born into the famous family of singer, actor, and host Pernilla Wahlgren, and dancer and restorateur Emilio Ingrosso, who both are widely known in Sweden for their artistic accomplishments, is a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, and singer. In 2019, Ingrosso admitted that her popular blog was run by her mother.

“I got a request to blog and then I thought it was a deadly bore. So, I couldn’t take pictures and thought it was so hard to sit at the computer and write, so my Mom sat up nights blogging for me”, the influencer said in a TV programme.



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