Ivanka Trump Branded ‘Princess Nepotista’ as She Goes Around Federal Self-Isolation Order


First Daughter Ivanka has more than once stressed the importance of self-isolation and social distancing, which means staying at least six feet away from others, as well as working remotely whenever possible.

Ivanka Trump has gone to New Jersey to celebrate the first night of Passover, at one of their family estates, ignoring her own advice and federal guidelines to stay in during the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Times reported, with the news hitting a raw nerve on social media.

Ivanka is reported to have been joined by her husband Jared Jushner and their three kids for the trip to her father’s private golf club, Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, according to two people familiar with their travel plans.

The White House didn’t immediately comment on the first daughter’s departure from her Washington home, which also flew in the face of the D.C. order that all residents stay at home except for essential activities. The latter was immediately picked up on by attentive Twitterians:

“How many tax dollars and Secret Service agents did this cost us?” One wondered on Twitter, while another suggested the family is acting as though they are immune to COVID-19:

I’m not saying the Trump family is immunized against covid19 but they sure act like they think they are.

— Cypress Jill ……………………..for Flotus (@subatomiclounge) April 16, 2020

“Silly fools! Princess Nepotista is not subject to the rules that govern the little people!” Another exclaimed, with many more suggesting the same:

The rules don’t apply to the Trump crime family.

— Steve Thomson (@SteveThomsonMN) April 16, 2020

Well, you have to understand, she is special. She is the big cheese puff’s daughter and that’s all she has to be so she can do whatever she wants to do.

— Mary Moon (@msmoon61) April 16, 2020

The rules, smules don’t apply to the oligarchs

— Mae Burnya (@maeloitering) April 16, 2020

While Kushner has already returned to the White House, where he has been helping the task force in their battle against the coronavirus, Ms Trump has continued to work from Bedminster, taking calls and spending time there with her children, the people said.

Since the crisis erupted, Ivanka has been a vocal proponent of social distancing, and has advised her team to work remotely if possible, away from the White House grounds unless essential to travel there.

While temporarily self-isolating pending the results of her coronavirus test, she posted cute family pictures. One of them features Ivanka and her kids kids building a tent with a bedsheet in the living room as a creative idea for parents working from home.

“Those lucky enough to be in a position to stay at home, please, please do so”, Ivanka said in a video promoting social distancing, adding that each and every person is capable of doing their bit to contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to the updated WHO map, the US has to date seen over 604,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, including around 26,000 COVID-19-caused deaths, the hotbeds being Washington and New York.



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