Armenian repatriates allowed to import property duty-free


YEREVAN, April 18. /ARKA/. The Armenian National Assembly has passed today in the second and final reading a string of amendment to the law On Customs Regulation, which will allow repatriates to import their property duty free. Under the previous legislation, a repatriate had to be absent from the country for 180 or more days every year for the last five years to be eligible for this benefit.

According to the adopted amendments, a repatriate needs to spend abroad 915 days in five years without dividing them by years.

Moreover, the benefits currently apply only to Armenians who are not citizens of Armenia. If a person has the citizenship of Armenia, then regardless of the length of his stay abroad, they are not eligible to this benefit.

Regarding the volumes of imported property, a repatriate is allowed to bring duty-free household and personal property in the amount of three units of each type, but one car only. The car must be in possession for at least six months, so that the preferential customs regime applies to it.

In addition, after obtaining the appropriate status, a person is given 18 months to move his property to Armenia.


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