In yervant, on this silver anniversary.


Charly Dabbaghian -17 Avril 2020

A request sent this morning, invites us

On this oriental Easter Friday,

On floor to write on a veil, a layer

A proven tribute to the human I edit.


Through your writing, throughout your journey

Which I had the opportunity to read, to discover

Artist the philanthropist to this life offer

This precious testimony of poems and speech.


To this on your pages your sons will pay the ink

Posthumous honor to the father, the Baron, his soul

Twenty-five years later, we’re constantly évoquâmes

Respect to your tried words by wetting the anchor.


From the Vincentian to the USJ. On you will watch the warhead

When a father deported, in Damascus you will be

Free in the head, music to your talents you will love

Under up your faith, your olive branch.


On this day, at the th. we add your stage

Actor, writer, journalist and musician

Ethereal will always be your white pharmacy jacket

You will stay for us, the man father the great mécéne.




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