Hasan: Coronavirus Crisis Nearing Its End in Lebanon


The toughest part of the ordeal “has passed” and the coronavirus crisis is “nearing its end in Lebanon,” Health Minister Hamad Hasan said on Monday.

“We are taking delicate steps to reach a clearer stage that would allow for several measures amid the difficult economic situation,” Hasan added in remarks to MTV, in reference to the possible easing of the lockdown measures.

As for the date of ending the so-called state of general mobilization, the minister said it is up to Cabinet to take the decision.

“We as a Health Ministry will increase the number of tests to more than 2,000 tests per day in order to evaluate the virus’ epidemiological situation in Lebanon,” he added.

Lebanon recorded only one coronavirus case on Sunday and four on Monday, which raises the country’s total to 677.

The disease has killed 21 people in Lebanon while more than 100 have recovered.



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