Bassil Sees Plot in Aid Plan Shelving, BDL Memos, Street Protests

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil pauses during a press conference at a Syrian refugee camp, in Arsal, near the border with Syria, east Lebanon, Wednesday, June 13, 2018. A public spat between the Lebanese government and the United Nation's refugee agency deepened Wednesday as Lebanon's caretaker foreign minister kept up his criticism, accusing the agency of discouraging Syrian refugees from returning home. Lebanon is home to more than a million Syrian refugees, or about a quarter of the country's population, putting a huge strain on the economy. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Free Patriotic Movement leader Jebran Bassil suggested Wednesday that a series of recent developments are a “premeditated plot.”

“How can some torpedo the most important law submitted by the government, which entails financial support worth LBP 1,200 billion for farmers, industrialists and craftsmen, for importing raw material and for offering subsidized loans to small and medium enterprises?!” Bassil tweeted, shortly after a legislative session ended due to loss of quorum during the debate of the proposal.

“How can the central bank issue circulars that lead to the collapse of the lira exchange rate?” Bassil added.

He also charged that some political parties are orchestrating the latest street protests as part of a “premeditated plot.”


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