Parliament General Secretariat Lashes Out at Government


Parliament’s General Secretariat lashed out Wednesday at the government in a rare stance.

“The government must learn how to send draft laws to parliament before insulting it,” the General Secretariat said in a terse statement.

Arab Tawhid Movement leader Wiam Wahhab meanwhile suggested that there are tensions between Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

“With all my due appreciation of Speaker Berri, I wish that someone would be able to tell me what does Speaker Berri want from PM Hassan Diab. What is the reason behind this harsh approach which we did not witness towards any of the previous premiers?” Wahhab added.

During a legislative session earlier in the day, Berri responded to a request by Diab for holding an evening session by saying that “no one can impose anything on parliament.”

The premier wanted the evening session in a bid to secure approval of a draft law that grants the government LBP 1,200 billion for its coronavirus economic and social aid plan.

Quorum was lost during the discussion of the proposal in the afternoon.



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