Mustaqbal: Diab Wants to Implement Aoun and Bassil’s Spiteful Agenda


Al-Mustaqbal Movement on Sunday lashed out anew at Prime Minister Hassan Diab and Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil.

Commenting on a speech delivered by Bassil earlier in the day, Mustaqbal said the address was “a copy of the premier’s latest remarks from the Baabda Palace and in other aspects a prior copy of the decisions that are expected to be issued in the Cabinet session” on Tuesday.

“This confirms the presence of a single operations room that is orchestrating the ongoing coup, which is similar to the operations room that was set up in Baabda in 1998,” Mustaqbal added in a statement.

“The main common denominator between the two speeches highlights itself in the inclination to take revenge on a certain political era, which has been endorsed by Hassan Diab who consider it the groundwork for showcasing his political role,” the Movement went on to say.

It noted that the events of the past week prove that Lebanon’s “appointed” premier has decided to “stand by President Michel Aoun, and consequently behind the real and shadow president Jebran Bassil, and to assist them in implementing the spiteful agenda that they have been seeking since 2005.”

Mustaqbal pointed out that what is new about “this agenda” is the setting up of “legal, administrative and judicial channels to carry out the vengeance episodes,” charging that “the Council of Ministers, specifically the premiership, has been turned into a tool to prepare and promote these channels, as if they are the salvation from financial and economic collapse.”

It added: “A journalist wrote today that the Lebanese president is determined to uproot Harirism and this is not unrealistic, as to determination and not the uprooting possibility, and in this case the rescue scheme that Hassan Diab has decided to implement with Jebran Bassil will also be the scheme that will rescue the country from the strong presidential term, if they wish to try.”



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