Report: Syria intercepts ‘Israeli aggression’ over Damascus


The country’s state news agency SANA reports the air defense systems shot down ‘hostile targets’ coming from Lebanese airspace; sources say although there were no casualties, there was some physical impact on the ground

Reuters, Ynet

Syrian air defenses early on Monday intercepted “hostile targets” over the capital of Damascus, the state news agency SANA reported.

SANA added that the air defense system had intercepted “Israeli aggression” coming from Lebanese airspace, and had downed some rockets before reaching their targets.

Although there were no Syrian reports of damage or casualties, other sources said there some physical impact on the ground from the attack.

The report comes exactly a week after another alleged Israeli strike in the city of Palmyra in eastern Homs province in central Syria.

A news flash on state media did not give any details of the aerial attack on the ancient city in eastern Homs where Iranian backed-militias are dug in on its outskirts according to Western intelligence sources.

The attack was the second in less than a month attributed to Israel, which has reportedly launched in recent years hundreds of attacks on Iranian-backed militias and their bases in Syria, where they have a large presence across the country.

Israel rarely confirms attacks and it did not comment on the latest missiles strike. Israel has said, however, that it has been behind a series of airstrikes mainly targeting Iranian and Lebanese Hezbollah forces in Syria that are alongside Syrian government forces.

Israel has also in the past used Lebanon’s airspace to launch attacks on Syria.

Associated Press contributed to this report



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