Turkish musicians’ row over balcony singing during lockdown ends in gunfight


An Ankara musician was hospitalised with a gunshot wound, following a fight with another musician over balcony concerts, daily BirGün reported on Monday.

Musician Burhan Gülalan told reporters that Coşkun Direk, another musician and Gülalan’s distant relative, ordered his family members to shoot him.

The Direk family went to the Gülalan residence and called Gülalan downstairs, where one of the men with Coşkun Direk shot Burhan Gülalan, according to his son.

The two musicians had been in a social media row over who could give a balcony concert during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, BirGün said.

Direk’s lawyer Hatice Taştan denied the claims that he instigated the attack, saying that there had been no previous disagreement between the two men, and that they were related. Direk wanted to talk with Gülalan because of his “severe insults” over balcony concerts, the lawyer said, adding that the Direk family had come downstairs carrying firearms as well.

“I am a man of heart,” Coşkun Direk told reporters. “My weapons are my instrument and my voice.”

Gülalan had released a video on April 11, showing him singing from his balcony, and Direk released a similar video a week later, on April 19.



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