Aoun Invites Parliamentary Leaders to Baabda Talks


President Michel Aoun on Thursday invited the heads of parliamentary blocs to a “national meeting” in Baabda on Wednesday to discuss “the government’s reform program,” the Presidency said.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that Lebanon will request aid from the International Monetary Fund to help the nation find a away out of a dire financial crisis based on the government’s five-year rescue plan.

Diab described the plan, which was adopted unanimously by the Cabinet earlier in the day, as a comprehensive “roadmap” for dealing with the spiraling financial crisis and the collapse of the national currency.

International donors have long demanded that Lebanon institute major economic reforms and anti-corruption measures, including in 2018, when they pledged 11 billion dollars. That money has yet to be released.

Diab said the five-year plan aims to reduce the current account deficit to 5.6% and to secure $10 billion of external support — in addition to the $11 billion pledges in 2018 by international donors.

“If we all unite, we will definitely reach the desired success in the future,” he said.



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