‘Black Domed Saucer’ Spotted Shooting Into Bristol’s Sky to ‘Explore Lockdown’, UFO Hunters Claim


Self-isolation measures imposed during the coronavirus pandemic across the UK have apparently been monitored not only by British authorities but also by some extra-terrestrial intruders, a prominent alien enthusiast has suggested, claiming to have photographic evidence of his revelations.

A mysterious “black domed saucer” was spotted in Bristol, according to an eyewitness, who managed to capture images of “chemical trails” behind the object on camera and then share the photos with MUFON, the group investigating alien sightings. The images have been recently analysed by self-titled UFO expert Scott C. Waring, who said that the pics conclusively show “a UFO shooting into the sky from Bristol” to monitor the lockdown in the UK.

“Its a fantastic example of how UFOs can make clouds!”, Waring wrote on his blog ET Data Base. “Sometimes UFOs do come down to visit and explore while a lockdown is in place in the UK. Maybe someone saw it or frightened it an it shot upward into the sky leaving a smokey trail.”

​The photos were reportedly taken on 17 March, and according to the eyewitness statement provided on the blog, the cloud line could not have been left by a civil aircraft as due to coronavirus restrictions “no planes were flying in the area”. Instead, the author claimed that the trail came from “a black domed saucer” that was spotted “sitting” just above the cloud.

“The movement of the object was pulse like, it spurted for a distance, then slowed, then spurted again”, the spectator assured. “This seemed to be the pattern of propulsion. It was vertical, so not similar to the aircraft that would normally fly over horizontally.”

According to him, “no military vehicles” were flying nearby and it seemed unlikely that such a chemical trail could have been a result of drone activity.

In any case, the authenticity of the images and eyewitness’s statements could not be properly collaborated and confirmed, despite Waring’s enthusiasm. The prominent alien hunter still insisted that even UFOs are able to make clouds, citing the famous example of US Navy radar footage recently released and confirmed by the US Department of Defence. The infrared videos were showing some glowing “unidentified aerial phenomena” flying erratically and Pentagon had to admit that the true nature of these objects could not be determined.



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