UK’s Gove Defends Cummings, Citing ‘Specific Circumstances’ Amid Lockdown Violation Scandal


The scandal with the PM’s aide erupted after The Guardian reported that Cummings and his family drove to Durham in late March to stay with his parents – after his wife began manifesting coronavirus symptoms, violating the health guidelines. In the meantime, some reports suggest that Cummings subsequently made a second trip to Durham in April.

“Dominic completely understands the sense of concern people have felt as this story broke”, Gove told the BBC. “Most people will understand that he was under pressure and sought to put the health of his wife and son first”.

He also called Cummings “a man of honour and integrity”.

The adviser previously addressed the public outcry over the trip to his parents, stating he was not considering leaving office. At the same time, Cummings has been backed by Boris Johnson, who stressed that his aide had done nothing to undermine the coronavirus prevention measures in the country.



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