Men inferior at controlling Covid? Oh please! Belgium has one of the world’s worst death rates… under the leadership of a woman


By Peter Lloyd, journalist and author based in London.

Sorry ladies, but women aren’t superior at managing a global health crisis. No matter how much man-hating feminists want this pipedream to be true.

Another day, another reminder that toxic feminism is nuts and the mainstream media cannot be trusted.

This time, the evidence came courtesy of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, which had the nerve to ask today’s viewers: ‘Are women better leaders?’ This loaded question was referring to Covid-19, which has now killed more than 351,000 people worldwide – the majority of whom are men.

Despite this, ITV chose to attack masculinity by combining Covid-19 death rates in the UK and America (135, 309 from a combined population of 394 million), then comparing it to New Zealand, Germany, Denmark and Taiwan, who have a shared total of 9,039 coronavirus deaths from a combined population of 116 million.

Hardly comparing like with like.

Yet, despite this, ITV still implied the death differences were down to the anatomy of the respective leaders – rather than environmental, social or economic factors. And, in true journalistic style, they did this by omitting some crucial (and clearly inconvenient) facts.

In what’s becoming standard practice across the industry,  ITV cherry-picked data and suppressed crucial counter-evidence which would’ve rubbished their theory from the very beginning.

Most notably, the reality that Belgium has one of the highest Covid-19 death rates in the world under the leadership of Sophie Wilmès (a woman!). They’ve had over 57 thousand cases and a whopping 9,364 deaths, which is pretty dire for a country with a population of just five million.

In fact, Belgium’s situation is so bad that, during a recent visit to Brussels hospital Saint-Pierre, nurses turned their backs on Wilmès in disgust at her handling of the situation, which has included a decree to recruit unqualified medical staff.

But that wasn’t all. ITV also failed to make any mention of Australia or Canada, who have successfully curbed Covid-19 infections in recent weeks, despite both leaders having the poor taste to be male.

There’s also been no acknowledgement that Scotland has pretty poor statistics. Under SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon – another woman! – an estimated 3,700 people have died from Covid-19. That’s almost the same as Russia, which has suffered 3,968 deaths. For context, Scotland’s population is 5.5 million and Russia’s is 144 million.

Nor has there been any nod to the fact that New Zealand’s economy will probably be harder hit than Australia’s in the coming months, despite both countries handling the coronavirus pandemic well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, New Zealand’s economy could shrink more than 10 percent by the end of 2020, while Australia’s economy is more likely to recede by just 4.7 percent. The reason for this discrepancy? New Zealand’s lockdown was far more stringent under Jacinda Ardern (another woman and liberal media darling, tssk!), and the repercussions could be longer-lasting as a result.


All of this is further proof that women don’t possess an exclusive skill for governing the world in a crisis. The mere suggestion is absurd and divisive, not to mention sexist.

Besides, why is a person’s gender suddenly so relevant? For years we’ve been gaslit that sex is a social construct –  a mere figment of our imaginations. Yet, as if by magic, we’re now conveniently told that women are genetically superior.

Forget Covid-19. The scarier threat to our well-being is this lame excuse for journalism.



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