Armenia amends tax code to fight smuggling and sale of fake medicines


YEREVAN, June 2. /ARKA/. On Monday, Armenia’s National Assembly has approved in the second and final reading a string of amendments to the Tax Code, which propose changes in the labeling of drugs to combat their smuggling and counterfeiting.

Numerous Armenian companies, even without their own warehouses, without expertise and a certificate of conformity from the Ministry of Health, import drugs of questionable quality and safety from the Eurasian Economic Union member states, label and sell them, as well as unregistered or registered, but deprived of certificate fake and psychotropic drugs.

According to the adopted changes, for marking and applying barcodes on drugs, it is necessary to have a certificate of conformity from the Ministry of Health, as well as electronic registration of the drug code, which will allow reading information during scanning.

Also, the adoption of the changes makes possible to exercise effective control over the circulation of drugs, ensuring safety for citizens and equal competitive conditions. -0-


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