Joe Biden Reportedly Wins Democratic Presidential Primary in District of Columbia


Primaries are being held in 8 states and the capital area as voters and election officials are dealing with voting by mail.

According to preliminary results, ex-Vice President Joe Biden is leading in the Democratic primary in Washington DC, getting over 62,000 votes, or 77.5 percent. Elizabeth Warren, who suspended her campaign back in March, occupies 2nd place, with only 12 percent of the vote. Bernie Sanders, who has also suspended his campaign and endorsed Biden, got 10 percent of votes.

The primaries continue across the country despite the ongoing health crisis and the recent violent protests in American cities.

Some states previously approved mail-in voting for the 2020 elections, citing the coronavirus pandemic, however, President Donald Trump slammed the decision, stating that if this is the case the voting process would be wrought with “fraud and abuse”.

The Republican Party even filed a lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom and Secretary of State Alex Padilla for ordering vote-by-mail for November, as according to the GOP, it will open the door to “fraud, coercion, theft, and otherwise illegitimate voting”.



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