Armenian PM tells Civil Aviation Committee to work out a roadmap to reform the sector by 2022


YEREVAN, June 4. /ARKA/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired an online meeting on Wednesday to discuss the current situation and prospects for the development of the country’s civil aviation. Tatevik Revazyan, chairwoman of the Civil Aviation Committee, also participated in the meeting that came after the European Commission updated the EU Air Safety List, adding all airlines certified in Armenia to it.

These companies are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union as they do not meet international safety standards.

This decision followed the hearings of the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) and six Armenian air carriers- Armenia Airways, Armenian Helicopters, Atlantis Armenian Airlines, Atlantis European Airlines, Mars Avia and Skyball.

Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean said: “The EU Air Safety List should be used as an instrument that helps airlines and countries listed reassess and improve their flying standards. The decision to include the Armenian carriers on the EU Air Safety List has been made based on the unanimous opinion delivered by the Air Safety Committee. The Commission, with the assistance of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, stands ready to cooperate and invest in Armenia to improve its aviation safety.”

According to Revazyan, after a meeting of the European Aviation Safety Group held on November 20, 2019, the Armenian Civil Aviation Committee has been implementing sequential measures to increase the level of aviation safety. She said the European Commission may revise its decision in November 2022. She said also that EU aviation authorities welcomed the readiness of the Armenian government to increase the level of flight safety and expressed their willingness to cooperate.

The Prime Minister said that the Civil Aviation Committee should work out a roadmap and a schedule for its implementation in a short time. According to Pashinyan, it is necessary to take measures not only to increase the level of flight safety, but also to increase the competitiveness of local aviation and develop home civil aviation.

On April 6, Nikol Pashinyan blamed this situation on the criminal negligence of the former leadership of the Committee. According to him, airlines registered in Armenia had for many years been involved in illegal activities in African countries, in particular, in arms trafficking.

On April 14, the head of the Committee, Tatevik Revazyan, announced that it would commission independent experts to identify and solve problems in the field of air transportation in Armenia.


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