HK patriots should unite for future prosperity: Global Times editorial


Source:Global Times

When China announced it would enact a national security law for Hong Kong, the US threatened to sanction the city and the Chinese mainland. Surrounding Hong Kong affairs, China and the US have apparently come to a showdown. But China has more resources and is more determined, and has gained more initiatives than the US in dominating the situation in Hong Kong.

It is hoped that people in Hong Kong can understand this and will not be misguided by US and Western opinion. Hong Kong is part of China, and Chinese people will never give up its sovereignty over Hong Kong. There is no room for argument on this matter. Hong Kong’s prosperity can be primarily attributed to the vast economic size of the mainland. This advantage can’t be stripped by any power.

Hong Kong doesn’t have the option to confront the mainland with support from the US and the West. The thinking that Hong Kong can benefit from leaning on the West will only lead Hong Kong to a dead end. If Hong Kong becomes the focal point of the China-US strategic competition, it will only be squeezed and suffocate rather than getting any benefits.

The Basic Law has defined Hong Kong’s position, which stipulates that the “one country, two systems” principle was made for Hong Kong’s return to China, not for its secession from China. Hong Kong society must have the collective wisdom to realize the backdrop. If they see this the opposite way, it is bound to face major problems.

A national security law is a bottom line for Hong Kong. When the Basic Law was crafted, its Article 23 stipulated that the Hong Kong government shall enact national security-related laws. But the legislation has dragged on and on, resulting in the escalation of chaos in the city, notably the violent protests over an extradition bill last year.

The national security law will not strip Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, nor will it undermine democracy and freedom which Hongkongers value. The Chinese mainland has no willingness to practice “one country, one system” in Hong Kong. Did the central government send a Party secretary to replace Hong Kong’s chief executive? Did opposition lawmakers be kicked out of the Legislative Council? These sound just unbelievable. Those who hype “one country, one system” know they are lying.

Hong Kong is a free port, and its population mix is complicated. A small group does not view China as their home country and binds their interests with the US and the UK. But most Hongkongers’ interests are rooted in this land and the long-term prosperity of Hong Kong is the sole guarantee of their individual interests.

The majority of Hong Kong residents have to get rid of influence of local radical politicians and Washington. They should act for the sake of their own interests. Those who disrupt Hong Kong and make Hong Kong the pivot of the US’ containment strategy of China will be their enemies.

US sanctions are not frightening. With the strong support of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong’s future is bright. As long as Hong Kong does not walk the path of self-destruction, the US will never be able to destroy Hong Kong.

Hong Kong may be impacted for a short period of time, but the impact will not be fatal to the future of Hong Kong’s economy, and will cause much less damage than Hong Kong’s prolonged turbulence. Hong Kong is being messed up by extreme forces and is regarded as leverage to impair China’s national security. This must end. Hong Kong has no other choice.

People who really care about the future and destiny of Hong Kong and entrust their lives to Hong Kong should unite against the US and the extreme forces it supports. These forces cannot sustain, and domestic affairs in the US are a big mess now. The victory will belong to the vast number of Hong Kong people who love the country and belong to all Chinese people.


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