Prince Harry Reveals What He Thinks Might Be Origin of Coronavirus


In 2017, former senior royal Prince Harry became the president of African Parks, an organisation which manages and protects resorts across the African continent; but the Duke of Sussex has been a devoted environmentalist long before then, something many believe he has taken from his father, Prince Charles.

Prince Harry said that there was some evidence suggesting the coronavirus’ origin “may be linked to our exploitation of nature”, according to his written foreword to African Parks annual report. The Duke of Sussex, who has been the president of this non-governmental organisation since 2017, also underscored that the humanity had only ten years before an “extinction crisis” would fully kick in.

“We are currently living through an extinction crisis and now a global pandemic that has shaken us to our core and brought the world to a standstill,” the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II wrote. “On the extinction crisis the science is clear: we have perhaps a decade to course correct before we lock in our fate.”

 “On this pandemic, while much is still unknown, some evidence suggests that the virus’ origin may be linked to our exploitation of nature”, he added. “The gravity of these challenges is coming to light but we must not be paralysed by them.”

The prince, who stepped down from his royal duties in March and has now lost the ‘His Royal Highness’ title, underlined in the letter that his commitment to environmental preservation has deepened since his son Archie was born one year ago.

“Since becoming a father, I feel the pressure is even greater to ensure we can give our children the future they deserve, a future that hasn’t been taken from them, and a future full of possibility and opportunity,” Prince Harry noted.

Since leaving army five years ago, the prince did an extensive amount of work for Africa, while working on wildlife and other local communities’ projects in a number of states across the continent.

His father Prince Charles has also been an outspoken supporter of the nature’s preservation. Just last week, he told Sky News that following his recovery from coronavirus, he would be pushing global society to put sustainability at the centre of the post-pandemic world.

 “The more we erode the natural world, the more we destroy what’s called biodiversity, which is the immense diversity of life, plant life, tree life, everything else. Marine life. The more we expose ourselves to this kind of danger,” the Prince of Wales said.

Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles to live a financially independent life with his wife Meghan Markle and his 13-month-old son Archie this March. After stepping down from royal duties, the Duke of Sussex lost all his military appointments and according to reports was finding it difficult to put up with his new style of life.



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