Thousands of New Yorkers Protest in Brooklyn As Cuomo Slams Reopening Violations


Rallies in support of the black community have been non-stop in the United States since the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd following his arrest in late May.

Thousands of protesters took to the courtyard of the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday in support of the black transgender community, despite Сuomo’s tweeting the same day about numerous violations of coronavirus-induced rules.

At the same time, Cuomo said violations, including “parties in the street”, are being registered predominantly in Manhattan and the Hamptons, while Brooklyn was missing on the list.

Looking at the scale of Sunday’s rally, New Yorkers took to criticize NYC authorities, namely Mayor de Blasio, for allowing the “Black Trans Live Matter” demonstrations and depriving them of essential daily services, like barbershops, or playgrounds for little children.

“Didn’t you hear? The virus only exists when people are at the beach, apparently it has a mind of its own and has chosen not to affect the people at protests”, another user tweeted, pointing to the beach-goers who were criticised by the authorities a month ago despite most of them making an effort to maintain a safe distance.

On Friday, Cuomo said that the state had the lowest rate of coronavirus transmissions in the country. However, New York remains the state hardest hit by the virus, with the most deaths from COVID-19 registered, the Johns Hopkins University count shows.



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