Naturally-formed wall in Central Anatolia’s Sivas vies to become tourism hotspot


A natural rock formation in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas, which has been said to resemble the Great Wall of China, has become a new hope for local tourism.

It is a kilometers-long natural formation located in Boğazören village of the İmranlı district.

The height of the “Sivas Wall,” which looks like it divides the plain it is perched on into two, rises up to 50-60 meters in height depending on the elevations of the land it stands.

As soon as the measures taken within the normalization phase amid the COVID-19 outbreak were eased, local officials organized a media trip lately to the area to promote the formation.

“We want to show this beauty to Turkey and the world,” said Hasan Meşeli, the district governor.

“This is original. The gypsums took its shape in centuries by the effects of rain and winds. It is natural,” added Meşeli, who led the trip.

Niyami Dağlar, head of Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, was one of the attenders. “We will walk in nature with the beautiful view of Great Wall of Boğazören village,” said Dağlar, without hiding his admiration for the natural formation.

Hurriyet Daily News


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