Hariri Meets Jumblat: Whoever Fails to Abide by Caesar Act Must Bear Consequences


Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri met Wednesday evening at the Center House with Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat, who was accompanied by a parliamentary and party delegation.

“Discussions focused on the latest political developments in the country and coordination between the PSP and al-Mustaqbal Movement,” said a statement issued by Hariri’s office.

Hariri and Jumblatt then held a closed-door meeting.

After the meeting, Jumblat said: “We came today with the Democratic Gathering, the Progressive Socialist Party, and friends on a visit of solidarity with the symbol of Lebanese and Sunni moderation, the son of the martyr Rafik Hariri.”

“We came to express solidarity with Beirut and Tripoli. We came to emphasize dialogue despite all the difficult circumstances, and the long path. We know that with Sheikh Saad, Speaker Nabih Berri and all the sincere people we will overcome these difficulties. We will not lose hope,” Jumblat added.

When Jumblat was asked to comment on the Caesar Act, Hariri answered: “Did we prepare the Caesar Act? We always hear someone asking us about this law, did we write it? The U.S. Congress prepared the law, the U.S. Senate ratified it, and the U.S. President signed it.”

Asked whether Lebanon will be able to withstand the repercussions, Hariri said: “There are repercussions for this law. It is up to the Lebanese state to see how it will deal with this law.”

“We could turn a blind eye to it, but if Lebanon endures the results, whoever fails to abide by this law must bear the consequences,” he added.

Asedked whether he will participate in the upcoming national dialogue session in Baabda, Hariri said: “As to the issue of dialogue, everything will be decided in due time. In principle, we are not against dialogue, but in light of the crisis and the collapse we are experiencing, dialogue is not useful without results.”



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