One Officer Dead, Another Injured After Shooting in New Zealand’s West Auckland, Suspect at Large


Armed police and ambulances arrived on the scene, as police confirmed that two officers had been shot. One of them died, and another was seriously injured during an incident in Massey, a suburb of Auckland, near Reynella Drive.

New Zealand police responded to a “critical incident” in Massey, near Auckland, as several witnesses reported “multiple gunshots”.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster confirmed during a press conference that one of the two police officers, who were shot during the incident, died, and another one was badly injured and is now in serious condition. He also said that the police officers did not carry firearms.

“This is a shocking situation, this is the worst news police and their families can receive. The incident points to the real risk our officers face as they go about their jobs every day, staff safety and welfare are our absolute priority and our whole organisation is in a state of shock as a result of this event”, Coster said.

​The incident is said to have taken place during a “routine traffic stop” on Reynella Drive in Massey.

Roads are closed in the area, and local media reported that Massey High School and Don Buck Primary School are in lockdown.

Armed police units and ambulances were sent in the area, and a police helicopter was reportedly seen.

​According to police, “a member of the public has also been hit by the vehicle and has been injured”. The offender fled the scene and cordons have been put in place. Police recommend that schools in the area go into lockdown and people stay away from the area.

​Video and photos allegedly made on site were shared in social media, showing a heavy police presence, a helicopter in the sky and other external images of the aftermath of the ongoing incident.

Massey, West Auckland. If you look closely you can see a few cops with guns out.

— Lia 🌻 (@brownskingorl) June 19, 2020



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