European parliament condemned occupation of territories of «Eastern partnership» member-countries


Baku/22.06.20/Turan:  Today the European parliament adopted a resolution  2019/2209(INI) titled «Recommendation of the European parliament to the Council, Commission and Vice-President of the Commission / EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy under the Eastern partnership program before the June (2020) Summit».

Note that the document was drawn up by European parliament deputy from Lithuania, Petyras Aushtrevichus with the participation of co-reporters Radoslav Sikorskiy, Anna Fotyga (both from Poland), Attila Ara-Kovach (Hungary) and Marketa Gregorova (Czechia).

A preamble to the document refers to a resolution of the European parliament 2009/2216(INI) titled «Demands to the strategy of the European Union at South Caucasus» adopted on May 20, 2010.

Items 8 and 10 of the resolution called territories occupied by Armenian armed forces as «occupied».

It has to be kept in mind that the new resolution of the European parliament, like a previous document adopted 10 years ago, says nothing about «a right to self-determination» as insisted upon by the Armenian party in the Karabakh conflict resolution.

Also, the document says that «independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Eastern partnership member-countries have still been undermined by unresolved regional conflicts, external aggression and continuing occupation of territories of some countries…»

Note that item (b o) calls for immediate withdrawal of foreign troops from all occupied territories. The said item relates to all Eastern partnership member-countries on whose territories the occupation troops are stationed, including Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenian troops.

The document expresses European Union’s support for territorial integrity and political independence of Eastern partnership member-countries «within the limits of internationally recognized borders» (item b m).

Besides, the document expresses «support [of the European Union] to all efforts [of states] aimed at fully enforcing those principles”.

As a matter of fact, the European Union recognizes a full right of states to enforce its sovereignty, territorial integrity within the framework of internationally recognized borders and political independence.



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