Turkey records 24 deaths, 1,212 new cases of COVID-19


Turkey on Monday announced 1,212 new cases and 24 deaths linked to COVID-19, raising the country’s death toll to 4,974.

Heath Minister Fahrettin Koca in his daily update on Twitter said some provinces had been particularly affected by the deadly virus.

Koca announced t“28 intensive care patients in Izmir, 20 in Kocaeli and 3 more in Sakarya,” noting that the total number of COVID-19 tests had reached 3 million so far.

“The patient recoveries today outnumber our new cases. But the difference is not enough when it comes to our fight,” the minister said.

Turkey has seen a steep resurgence in COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks.

The latest figures bring Turkey’s infections to 188,897. A total of 846 people are currently in intensive care and 345 remain on respirators. Since Sunday night, 1,293 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

The growing numbers are raising concerns that easing of pandemic measures could be compromising efforts to contain the pandemic.

The last week Koca said that Turkey stopped considering a general curfew as before, since it failed to affect the decrease of the virus.

Meanwhile, Dersim’s mayor Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu, Turkey’s sole official elected to office from  Communist Party of Turkey, announced on Monday that he tested positive for coronavirus, Gazete Duvar reported.

“Following a sore throat I experienced yesterday, my test results at the hospital came out positive. My treatment has started at Tunnel State Hospital,” Maçoğlu said on Twitter.



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