Will Turkey and Iran target Israel?


Turkey and Iran may be poised to cooperate against Israel as they may have recently coordinated military operations against armed Kurdish groups in northern Iraq, and Tehran has voiced support for Ankara’s military intervention in Libya, according to columnist Seth J. Frantzman writing in the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

Frantzman said that Turkey’s opposition to the U.S. air strike that killed the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, its undermining of U.S sanctions on Iran, the two countries’ ties with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, and the fact that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif went to Turkey for a meeting with his Turkish counterpart on June 15 is further evidence of some kind of nebulous plot against Israel.

Frantzman did not explicitly say what he meant by Turkey and Iran coordinating to target Israel.

But he said that Turkey’s religious affairs ministry has vowed to mobilise the “Islamic ummah” to defend Jerusalem from a possible annexation of occupied Palestinian land. Frantzman said that Iran’s supreme leader had called for “armed resistance” on May 21.

Tensions are set to rise between Israel and Turkey and other countries in the region as Israel is expected to announce U.S-backed plans to illegally annex occupied Palestinian territory on July 1.

“Jerusalem may be the next pressure point as annexation looms, and Turkey and Iran need another issue to galvanise popular support at home and in the region,” Frantzman said.



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