Fahmi Says ‘Foreign Funding’ behind Riots, Vows to Sue Road Blockers


Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi on Friday said authorities possess “certain and confirmed information that foreign interference and financial support are behind the acts of vandalization.”

In an interview with al-Manar TV, Fahmi said the “corruption” of those carrying out the rioting has “spared us a major disaster.”

“They did not spend all the sums of money that they received from the plotters to spark security incidents,” the minister explained.

Revealing that he had tasked security agencies to communicate with Hizbullah, AMAL Movement, al-Mustaqbal Movement and Lebanese Forces during the recent sectarian unrest, Fahmi said the four parties “were positive as to the immunization of civil peace.”

Famhi also warned that “the incidents that are happening in Syria’s Idlib might lead to a new Syrian exodus towards Lebanon, with the possibility of the infiltration Daesh members among them with the aim of sparking incidents in the country.”

Reassuring that security is under control, the minister acknowledged that “the economic and social situation is a ticking bomb.”

“Attacks on citizens and public and private property are prohibited,” Fahmi said, adding that security forces will prevent the blocking of roads by protesters.

“We will file lawsuits against those who do it. Yes to freedom of expression and assembly but no to the blocking of roads,” he added, describing the blocking of roads as “a form of aggression against citizens’ dignity.”

Source Naharnet


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