Hariri Hails Kanaan, Says MPs’ Efforts Contribute to Restoring Financial Confidence


Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri on Wednesday said he salutes MP Ibrahim Kanaan despite the “political differences.”

“I acknowledge the efforts that the head of the Finance and Budget Committee Ibrahim Kanaan carried out along with the fact-finding committee and I salute him over his press conference,” Hariri tweeted.

“This is a first step on the path of restoring balance to Lebanon’s position in the negotiations (with the International Monetary Fund), and it contributes to restoring confidence in the presence of a real intention to preserve our free economic system and safeguard the money of depositors,” he added.

Hariri also said Parliament has the ability to give the Lebanese hope that the “idiotic speeches, arbitrary plans and manic confusion” can be “reined in.”

In his remarks, Kanaan announced that the Lebanese state is “not bankrupt,” as he disputed the figures declared by the government on the defaulted loans.

“The State cannot be considered bankrupt as long as its assets and properties are available,” Kanaan said at a press conference.

“It has turned out that there is a difference of LBP 26 trillion between what the government is presenting and the reality of the defaulted loans,” the lawmaker added.



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