Turkish fireworks factory explosion death toll rises to six – gov’t officials


The death toll for a series of explosions at Turkey’s largest fireworks factory in Turkey’s northwestern Sakarya province has risen to six, the province’s governor said in a statement on Sunday.

“The number of people who lost their lives rose to six. The search for one missing person is ongoing,“ T24 quoted Governor Çetin Oktay as saying, updating the initially reported toll from four.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca confirmed Oktay’s statement, adding that 121 of the 126 people injured in the blasts have been discharged from the hospital, according to T24.

“Treatment of five people is ongoing, one of which is in intensive care in Sakarya and the other in the Istanbul Kartal City Hospital Burn Centre,” the news outlet quoted Koca as saying.

While an Interior Ministry investigation underway into the Friday incident on the outskirts of Yukarıçalıca city in the Hendek district, some of the factory’s employees have directed the blame towards lax safe regulations and a negligent management staff.

Turkish authorities have detained the plant’s manager and two foremen in connection to the incident.



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