Police raids yacht party over violation of COVID-19 measures


Istanbul police raided a yacht on the Bosphorus Strait and fined 49 people partying inside a total of 154,350 Turkish Liras ($22,482) for violating COVID-19 measures on June 7.

The police launched the raid after receiving a notice informing about the yacht party, dispatching teams to the boat, named “Semiramis 1” just off the Kabataş district.

Police fined each of the party attenders 3,180 liras for loud music and violating physical distancing rules. The yacht was later evacuated.

The owner of the yacht and the party organizer were taken to a police station for questioning.

The police also said the yacht had lacked some necessary documents and did not have enough personnel.

Police officials also said it was rented by a nightclub, without giving further details.

Hurriyet Daily News


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