UK Will Use Drones to Deliver Coronavirus Tests to Remote Scottish Islands


According to John Hopkins University, Britain has at least 289,000 infected and the death toll from COVID-19 is the third-highest in the world, at 44,687. Scotland, however, remains less affected than England, accounting only for 18,315 cases, and 2,490 fatalities.

The National Health Service and drone delivery company Skyports Ltd. from London are working together in order to deliver coronavirus tests and other medical supplies to the Scottish area of Argyll and Bute, including remote islands in the Atlantic, according to the UK Space Agency.

The joint project by European Space Agency (ESA) and their British counterparts is worth $1.4 million (1.1 million pounds, or 1.24 million euros) and intends to assist the NHS response to coronavirus, Under-Secretary of State for Science, Research and Innovation Amanda Solloway explained.



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