Aoun Asks Govt. to Consider Covid Victim Doctor a Lebanese ‘Martyr’


President Michel Aoun on Tuesday asked the government to label 32-year-old doctor Louay Ismail, who died of COVID-19, as “one of Lebanon’s martyrs.”

“He fell while performing his humanitarian duty,” Aoun told Cabinet during a session at the Baabda Palace.

Cabinet convened at 11:00 am to discuss an agenda of 26 items, most notably the Finance Ministry’s request to sign contracts with financial audit firms, the government’s social aid plan, laws aimed at putting the government’s reform plan into action, and a request from the Tourism Ministry to allow touristic institutions to adopt the dollar exchange rate set by the central bank’s electronic platform ‘Sayrafa’.

The session was preceded by a closed-door meeting between Aoun and Prime Minister Hassan Diab.



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