For Your Eyes Only: GCHQ UK Spy Forced to Resign After Flashing Woman From Hotel – Reports


A UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) employee lost his job after flashing at a woman from his hotel room window.

David McGuire was arrested after the woman, who lived opposite the hotel where the GCHQ employee was staying,  took photos and called police, according to The Sun, which added that he believed he had a “willing and curious audience”.

“Mr McGuire has been humiliated by his actions and has had to leave his job at GCHQ,” defence lawyer David Maunder said, as quoted by The Sun.

In court, David McGuire agreed to never to commit the offence again and the the case was dropped.

“Whatever interpretation one puts on your actions, it was stupid and foolhardy at best,” Judge Ian Lawrie said.

McGuire faced six charges of exposure spanning five days in May 2019, according to reports.



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