Man Issues Threats With Explosives, Takes Police Officer Hostage in Poltava, Ukraine – Reports


The Poltava region police reported earlier in the day that the man, whom police officers tried to detain for stealing a car, was threatening to detonate a grenade.

The grenade-armed man has taken the head of the local police’s criminal investigations directorate hostage in Poltava, Ukraine, and they are now attempting to depart the city in a car, the criminal investigations directorate said on Thursday.

“When the police were detaining the ‘hijacker’ near the administrative court building, he received an RGD-5 grenade and tried to detonate it. The situation was complicated by the fact that the attacker took a criminal investigations officer hostage,” the criminal office wrote on Telegram.

“After negotiations, the malefactor changed the detained criminal bureau staffer for the head of the criminal investigations department … and headed toward the exit from the city with him in a vehicle provided in compliance with his demands,” the statement read on.

Sappers, detectives, and other law enforcement specialists have been brought to the scene of the incident by the regional police department.



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