Turkey’s hotel occupancy rates slump in June


Turkish hoteliers saw a slump in room occupancy rates in June as European tourists stayed away and locals were hesitant to travel.

Many hotels have remained closed, the Hotel Association of Turkey (TÜROB) said in a statement on Friday. Occupancy rates at those that opened dropped to an average of 21 percent last month from 68 percent in June 2019, it said.

Turkey is seeking to revive its tourism industry after easing movement restrictions in place since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March. Nationwide lockdowns ended at the start of June. But the European Union has yet to lift travel warnings on the country, citing infection rates in the country, meaning very few tourists are visiting.

Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city, led declines in occupancy, with rates there dropping to 14 percent last month from 81 percent in June 2019. The tourist city of Antalya fared better, with a decline to 32 percent from 70 percent last year, the association said.

Average room prices nationwide fell 37 percent annually in June to 54 euros ($63) per night. Income, calculated on all rooms irrespective of whether they were occupied or not, slumped by 56 percent to 19.2 euros per room, per night, TÜROB said.

The association said that hotels would open depending on decisions taken by the European Union, Russia and countries in the Far East. Russia supplied the most visitors to Turkey last year when the country earned a record $34.5 billion from tourism.



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