Armenian foreign ministry condemns Azerbaijan’s state agencies for organization of disorders worldwide


YEREVAN, July 25. /ARKA/. The Armenian foreign ministry condemned Friday Azerbaijan’s state agencies for expanding the territory of anti-Armenian actions.

Armenia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that in recent period cases of violence against the citizens of Armenia were reported in different countries. There were also attempts to obstruct the normal operation of Armenia’s diplomatic service and Armenian communities abroad, deliberately destroying their personal and service property which in some cases have also threatened the security of the diplomatic staff. It said racist steps are also being taken to undermine Armenia’s commercial ties with different countries.

The foreign ministry also says that the involvement of Azerbaijani officials in expanding the geography of these actions, as well as actions against the diplomatic representatives of Armenia, show that the above actions are directed by the state agencies of Azerbaijan.

In its statement, the Armenian foreign ministry strongly condemns the practice of provoking ethnic clashes in different countries, which is another manifestation of Baku’s irresponsibility and is completely in tune within the Azerbaijani leadership’s policy on inciting hatred between the two nations.

The ministry calls on Armenians worldwide to show restraint, not to give in to any provocation and immediately contact the local law enforcement agencies, the Armenian community and diplomatic representatives in case of such incidents.

Attacks and Provocations

Since yesterday evening, Armenian social n etwork users have been urging compatriots in Moscow to be vigilant, claiming that Azeri groups are attacking Armenians and smashing cars with Armenian numbers.

The media reported about a fight between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Moscow, as a result of which special police National Guard officers detained 13 people. Law enforcement agencies are taking measures to identify and detain all persons involved in the night attacks.
Armenian Ambassador to Russia Vardan Toganyan, in an interview with the radio station Moscow Speaking called the incident a provocation and noted that the clashes were planned by the Azerbaijani side.

Earlier it was reported about clashes between representatives of the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities in London, Los Angeles and Belgium. -0-


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