Museums to promote unique values of Anatolia


Museums are expected to mushroom across Anatolia to celebrate and depict unique artifacts and landmarks of cities where they will be founded.

The unique museums, which mostly have the characteristic features of the region where they will or have been built, draw attention with their architecture and exhibits.

While a tender is set to be held to establish a “peanut museum” in the southern province of Osmaniye, a “bath museum” has already been established in the Central Anatolian province of Eskişehir to promote the Turkish bath culture affiliated mostly with the city.

Kayseri Kültepe Tablet Museum

The soon-to-be established museum in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri aims to display ancient tablets, most of which are exhibited in Ankara and have been excavated in Kayseri.

It is stated that 23,000 tablets have been unearthed so far in the 70 years of excavations in the ancient site of Kültepe.

Sivas Industrial School Museum

There will be workshops of products such as miniature carpets, Sivas combs and knives unique to Sivas and the productions of that period will be made exactly at the museum. Thus, the ‘living museum’ concept will be implemented.

Osmaniye Peanut Museum

A museum building with the appearance of a peanut will be built for the promotion of the peanut associated widely with Osmaniye. The construction of the building, which will consist of three floors, will be completed in eight months.

Eskişehir Bath Museum

The museum aims to promote the Turkish bath culture and aims to develop thermal tourism in Eskişehir.

For the museum, the residents of the city began to donate objects such as bath stones, soaps and pouches that were used in the past.

Hurriyet Daily News


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