Lebanon renews general mobilization to curb spread of coronavirus


Lebanon has 3,879 cases to go along 51 deaths as a result of complications arising from the virus.

by Georgi Azar Source: Annahar

Cabinet convenes Tuesday July 28 at the Baabda Presidential Palace (NNA)

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s government decided Tuesday to extend the country’s general mobilization against the coronavirus until August 30 as cases continued to surge for the second week running.

The decision followed a recommendation from the Higher Defense Council during a cabinet meeting at the Baabda presidential palace.

Lebanon has 3,879 cases to go along 51 deaths as a result of complications arising from the virus.

Parks, pubs, nightclubs, markets and indoor pools will be closed for two separate periods of four days from July 30 to August 30 and August 6 to August 10. Religious gatherings will also be banned, preventing worshippers from congregating on this week’s Muslim Adha holiday.

“We have entered a new phase in the battle against the pandemic which forces to take hard measures people and society,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab tweeted Tuesday.

Diab also criticized “Israel’s aggression” along the southern border Monday, labeling it as a violation of UN resolution 1701.

Israel reported that it thwarted a Hezbollah group’s attempt to infiltrate its territory, a week after the killing of Ali Kamel Mohsen by Israeli airstrikes in Syria.

“We know for certain that they were armed and that they crossed the Blue Line into Israel,” Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said Monday, referring to the line delineating Israel’s frontier with Lebanon.

He said Israeli troops opened fire on the militants after entering Israeli territory, prompting Hezbollah fighters to return fire.

Hezbollah denied the attempt, saying that retaliation for the killing of Mohsen would come at a later date.

“The Islamic Resistance affirms that there has been no clash or shooting on its part in the events of the day until now. Rather, it was only one party, which was the fearful, anxious and tense enemy,” a statement released by the group said.



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