Adorable Baby Elephant Having the Cutest Wrestling Match Will Melt Your Heart


Baby elephants are some of the most adorable looking creatures who often amaze wildlife enthusiasts with their behaviour. Little jumbos remain under the protective eye of their mamas and herd but still manage to have some fun.

The world would looks like a happy place watching two baby elephant squaring up at each other in heaps of sand. The baby jumbos pinned down each other, testing each other’s strength in the presence of their mother, behaving like two mischievous brothers. The elder elephants had to intervene in the “fierce” fight to separate the two goofballs.

Kusti is a great exercise. Matanga bhaiya ki maa ke samne pitayi bhi ho jati aur daant bhi nahi pdti👻

— Gannuprem (@Gannuuprem) August 2, 2020



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