Lebanese unite to assist victims following Beirut massive explosion


On social media platforms, civilians and influencers are actively sharing places to stay for the injured and those who have lost their houses due to the impact, as well as blood and money donations.

by Sandra Abdelbaki -Source: Annahar

Caption: Smoke rises from a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. (AP Photo)

BEIRUT: Following today’s massive explosion at Beirut port that has resulted in several deaths and thousands of injuries and wrecked houses, an outreach of helping hands spread through social media offering various donations.

On social media platforms, civilians and influencers are actively sharing places to stay for the injured and those who have lost their houses due to the impact, as well as blood and money donations. These personal initiatives are circulating on pages like Lawyard, Polleksandra, Gino Raidy on Instagram, and Marwa Al Harati on Facebook. These platforms are also open to share any financial or volunteering resources.

Additionally, many hotels are opening their doors to those who have lost their homes. Some hotels include hotel Chbat in Bcharre, hotel Eden in Jdeideh, and hotel Matador in Mansourieh which are welcoming individuals who are in need of shelter.

Furthermore, an initiative titled “Locate Victims Beirut” is trying to locate individuals who went lost after the Beirut explosion. Any piece of information about the victims could be of help. People can also inform them of any new lost individuals.

The Lebanese NGO “Offrejoie” is launching two initiatives. The first initiative is offering individuals and families who lost their homes with shelters in Kfefin area in Batroun. They can accommodate up to 200 people and will be providing transportation from Beirut to Kfefin in the coming days. The second initiative is forming groups of volunteers to go to Beirut and help people go back to their homes or to the doctors, clean the damage, and assist anyone in need.

“What happened today is a disaster and now is the time to show solidarity among the Lebanese. We will do the best to recruit volunteers and work with other NGOs and initiatives and stand by our fellow citizens in this situation,” President of the NGO Marc Torbey Helou told Annahar.

The DAFA Campaign is collecting donations and offering assistance to those affected by the explosion. People who are willing to donate can contact them or find them on social media.

A Clinic in Zalka is welcoming wounded patients and offering individuals free services of wound care. The clinic is located in Strascco Tower 7th floor and is facing Haroun Hospital in Zalka.

Impact Lebanon launched the campaign “Disaster Relief for Beirut Explosion” and is reaching out to the Lebanese citizens and those in the diaspora to donate money for those affected by the explosion.

The number of injured people has surpassed 3000 and the numbers are expected to rise. As the need for blood rises by the second, different red cross centers and local hospitals such as Rizk Hospital and the AUBMC are calling for blood donations of all types. The Red Cross did not advise to call its hotline 140, but exclusively the numbers circulating on their official page.

The blood banks are located in Spears, Tabaris, Jounieh, Antelias, Jbeil, Zahleh, Saida, Nabatieh, Tripoli, Halba, Beit el Dine, and Tyr. The centers are open to receive financial donations as well. It is advised to refrain from donations in case of a recent donation (less than 3 months), piercing or tattoo (less than a year ), or operation. Donors must also be above 18 years of age and over 50 KG.

To encourage blood donations, Careem Taxi is providing a promo code “DONATEBLOOD” which will provide its users with free rides from/to the hospitals or the Lebanese Red Cross Centers.


Red Cross Numbers: Spears : 01/372802

Jounieh: 09/931750

Zahleh: 08/804930

Saida: 07/752141

Tyr: 07/740070

Marwa Harati on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Haratssii

Careem on Instagram @careemleb

Polleksandra on Instagram @polleksandra

Gino Raidy on Instagram @ginoraidy

Lawyard on Instagram @lawyward

Impact Lebanon @impact.lebanon

Locate victims @locaredvictimsbeirut

DAFA campaign 81 862 688

Farah Al Ataa 71 832 439

Hotel Chbat Bcharre 03 571 154

Eden Hotel Jdeideh 01 900 762

Matador Hotel Mansourieh 04 400 464



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