US Arms Sales to Taiwan Violate One China Principle, Beijing Says on Reports of Possible Drone Deal


Beijing’s statement comes in response to reports suggesting that Washington is looking to surreptitiously sell four SeaGuardian surveillance drones to the breakaway province.

US arms sales to Taiwan seriously violate the One China principle and should be stopped, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a daily news briefing.

Reuters reported on Thursday, citing six anonymous sources, that Washington has been engaged in talks with the Taiwanese authorities on the sale of four SeaGuardian surveillance drones. The potential deal requires congressional approval before being finalised and is expected to be presented to lawmakers in September.

Last month, the United States approved a $620mln recertification package to Taiwan for Patriot Advanced Capability-3 air defence missiles. Beijing condemned the deal and imposed sanctions on US defence corporation Lockheed Martin.

Beijing has repeatedly called Taiwan a sensitive issue in its relations with Washington, as China considers the island to be part of its territory under the One China principle. The Chinese authorities have also repeatedly protested over the supply of weapons by the US to the island.



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