Diab Meets Ministers Seeking to Submit Their Resignations


Prime Minister Hassan Diab held a meeting Sunday with several ministers seeking to submit their resignations in connection with the catastrophic blast that rocked Beirut.

According to media reports, Environment Minister Demianos Qattar submitted a written resignation to Diab and efforts were being exerted with him to withdraw or suspend it.

The reports also said that Economy Minister Raoul Nehme has expressed desire to submit his resignation.

Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad had announced her resignation in the morning.

Industry Minister Imad Hoballah of Hizbullah meanwhile said: “Our responsibility is to fight corruption from inside… and we won’t evade our responsibility.”

Annahar newspaper reported Sunday that the government “may resign today or more likely tomorrow during Cabinet’s session.”

It also said that “a political decision has been taken to topple the government in parliament” during a session that will be held on Thursday.

Seven MPs — Sami Gemayel, Nadim Gemayel, Elias Hankash, Paula Yacoubian, Marwan Hamadeh, Neemat Frem and Michel Mouawad — have meanwhile announced their resignation from parliament.



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