Israeli military strikes Hamas target in northern Gaza Strip


Hamas informs officials of Egyptian Intelligence, mediating between the sides, relative calm on the border will end, their warning coincides with concerns Qatari aid to the Strip will not arrive next month

Associated Press, Ynet

The Israeli military said late Sunday that it struck a Hamas target in the northern Gaza Strip in response to the continued launches of explosives-laden balloons from the Palestinian territory into Israel.

On Sunday two fires broke out believed caused by incendiary devices attached to balloons that were dispatched from Gaza towards border area communities.

IDF strikes targets in Gaza last week in response to incendiary balloons dispatched towards Israeli communities

(Photo: Ma’ayan Shneor)

Some of the balloons had explosive devices attached to them one exploding mid-air alarming residents.

In a brief statement, the army said an aircraft struck a Hamas observation post in northern Gaza.

There were no immediate reports of injuries on either side.

The enemies have largely observed an unofficial truce in recent months. Israel holds Hamas responsible for all fire out of the coastal enclave.

The Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper considered close to the Hamas organization reported on Saturday that the Gaza rulers had informed Egyptian intelligence officials, mediating between Israel and the terror group, that the relative calm along the border would end because of what they called Israel’s attempts to foil infrastructure projects that could improve the humanitarian situation in the Strip.

Sources told the paper said the Gaza factions would respond to any Israeli action including retaliatory attacks following the dispatch of incendiary and explosive devices.

Hamas’ threats coincided with the projected arrival of periodic Qatari aid to the besieged enclave, which Hamas worries may end next month after it was extended by Qatar in March for a period of six months. But that extension is due to run out.



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