Armenian schools to resume classes in traditional format in mid-September


YEREVAN, August 11. /ARKA/. Secondary and high schools, preschools and vocational schools, as well as music and art schools in Armenia will resume their classes in the usual format from September 15, the government said in its official Facebook page. It said also that the educational institutions will have to strictly comply with sanitary and hygienic standards.

The government said also that the decisions on universities and a number of other educational institutions will be made within the next week.

Armenian schoolchildren have not actually attended classes since March 13, 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On March 16, the government declared state of emergency to stop its spread, After some time, the Ministry of Education and teachers joined efforts to organize distance learning through various online platforms. However, about 20% of schoolchildren could not be involved in the distance learning system for various reasons such as lack of gadgets, Internet connections, etc..

A 30-day state of emergency to curb the spread of coronavirus was declared in Armenia on March 16 and restrictions were imposed on free movement of citizens. The government banned also some types of economic activity. On April 13, the government extended the state of emergency for another month and on May 4 it lifted the ban on almost all types of economic activity and the free movement of citizens, except for public transport.

On May 14, the government has again extended the state of emergency for another 30 days. However, despite the extension, public transport, preschools, trading centers, restaurants and gyms have reopened starting from May 18, and wearing of masks has become mandatory in public spaces.

On June 12, the government has extended the state of emergency for another month- until July 13 and then again until August 13. On August 5 deputy prime minister Tigran Avinyan said the state of emergency will be extended for another month until September 12. -0-


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