Aoun Promises ‘Grieving Lebanese’ to Unveil Facts of Port Blast


President Michel Aoun on Tuesday marked one week since the catastrophic Beirut blast by pledging to “unveil all the facts” about the unprecedented disaster.

“A week after the tragedy, I reiterate my condolences to the grieving families and I promise all bereaved Lebanese that I will not remain silent nor rest before unveiling all the facts,” Aoun tweeted.

“The referral of the case to the Judicial Council is only the first step,” the president added.

He had earlier in the day signed a decree referring the case to the Council, which is Lebanon’s top judicial body that handles crimes infringing on national security as well as political and state security crimes.

The death toll from the massive explosion climbed to 171 on Tuesday.

The new figure, up from 160, came exactly one week since the mega-blast ravaged swathes of the Lebanese capital, wounding more than 6,000 and temporarily displacing 300,000 people from their homes.

Source  Naharnet


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