Hatay deputy governor responsible for Afrin shot his family members dead in Adana


Tolga Polat, the deputy governor of the southern province of Hatay, shot his brother and mother dead in Adana, southern city, Turkish press reported.

After killing his mother and brother Polat ran away, journalist Ali Pekmezci said.

Polat has been also overseeing the humanitarian relief coordination work of “Olive Branch region” of Afrin, northwestern Syrian town. According to pro-AKP media outlet TGRT, “Polat was responsible for Afrin”. In early 2018, Turkish forces and Turkey backed Syrian opposition forces seized the city from Syrian Kurdish forces.

Polat’s brother was a lawyer at the Adana governorship. The incident took place in their flat, not far from the Ziyapaşa Boulevard, the report said.

Shortly after the incident, the prosecutor arrived at the scene. Security measures were taken by police in the area. Eyewitnesses said they heard more than 10 gun shots.

According to preliminary information, the suspect was brought to court by his mother and brother for inheritance sharing.Polat was appointed as Zeytindalı Operation Area Humanitarian Aid Coordinator.



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