Large Military Delegation of Turkey Arrives in Azerbaijan


Baku/13.08.20/Turan: The Minister of National Defense of Turkey, Mr. Hulusi Akar, Chief of the General Staff, Army General Yashar Guler, commanders of the branches of the Armed Forces, and other high-ranking officers will arrive in Azerbaijan on August 12.
Within the framework of the Distinguished Visitors Day of Live-Fire Joint Large-Scale Tactical and Flight-Tactical Exercises of the Land Forces and the Air Force of Azerbaijan and Turkey, the Turkish large military delegation will observe the final episode of the first stage of the exercises.

The exercises are being conducted in accordance with the agreement on military cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey. The exercises are attended by units of the Ground Forces and the Air Forces of both countries. The exercises involved personnel, armored vehicles, artillery installations and mortars, as well as military aviation and air defense equipment of the armies of the two countries.

According to the plan, exercises with the involvement of the Ground Forces were held in Baku and Nahçıvan from August 1 to 5, and exercises with the participation of military aviation were held in Baku, Nahçıvan, Gəncə, Kürdəmir and Yevlax from July 29 to August 10.

Note that on August 11, Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov and Defense Ministry Zakir Həsənov visited Ankara, where they were received by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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